PALESTINE Protest material for ’54 years of Israel Celebrations’

Flyer that can be downloaded and used for demonstrations, protests or awareness raising.

PALESTINE: Updated Campaign Material

Updated information on the situation, with specimen letters to the EU, Foreign Ministers, UN, etc.

PALESTINE Campaign Pack March 19, 2002

Campaigning materials, requested action including boycott information, and details of atrocities until 19th March 2002.


This pack lists goods made in illegallyoccupied land by settlers an dlabelled as 'Made in Israel.' This campaign aims to end this fraudulent...

Prisoners of Faith Campaign Pack

The updated Prisoners of Faith campaign pack produced to coincide with the Prisoners of Faith Conference held in London, UK on February 17, 2002.

Boycott Zionism

An A4 leaflet listing companies that support Israel.

Palestinian Children Campaign Pack

Campaign Pack describing routine violations of Palestinian child prisoners rights by Israeli forces. The pack can be downloaded in PDF format.

Palestine: Boycott Marks & Spencer Leaflet

IHRC's leaflet detailing the connection between leading retailer Marks & Spencer and the Israeli regime.

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