Response to Sadiq Khan’s refusal to condmen racist violence against Muslim,...

A response to Sadiq Khan's refusal to condemn racist violence against Muslim, Jewish and other protestors at the Al-Quds Day March, and his support their safety. Email sent 03 May 2018.

Letter to Mayor of London regarding failure to act against extremists

Sadiq Khan did not respond to questions about the abuse and violence faced by Londoners who attended the Al-Quds day demonstration in June 2017

Letter to the ICC regarding the preliminary examination into the Zaria...

The characterisation of Islamic Movement of Nigeria’s (IMN) supporters in this report is false and alarming

Letter to Mayor of London regarding stop and search

The problems thrown up by stop and search have been known for many years to officials and communities

Letter to UN Secretary General regarding human rights violations in Bahrain

On the anniversary of the 14 February 2011 protest movement, IHRC is deeply concerned by the continued violations of human rights in Bahrain

Saudi Digest: Campaign to End Injustice!

News, resources and campaign direction on the struggle against injustice perpetrated by the Saudi regime.

Letter to the High Commissioner of Nigeria regarding the detention of...

This matter has now dragged on for two years and has become a major blemish on Nigeria’s good name in the international arena

Letter to the President of Nigeria re: Sheikh Zakzaky’s deteriorating health

In the last few days, Shaykh Zakzaky’s health has deteriorated rapidly, and he has been given access to his own doctor who suspects he has had a stroke

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