Event Report: Know Your Rights webinar

IHRC held a Know Your Rights webinar on 24 January 2021, hosted by Raza Kazim, with guest speakers Mudassar Arani, a solicitor,...

Event Report: Genocide Memorial Day 2021

GMD’s annual event took place online for its twelfth consecutive time on 17 January 2021. This year’s theme was ‘Starting Genocide: Demonisation’,...

Event Report: State Sanctioned Murder with Professor Richard Falk

Read about the webinar with Professor Richard Falk.

Event Report: Islamophobia Conference 2020

Read about the 2020 Islamophobia Conference.

WATCH: Know Your Rights – Police powers to stop, search, account...

Watch the webinar with Massoud Shadjareh and Mudassar Arani.

Event Report: BDS Challenges, Successes and The Way Forward

Read about the webinar with Raza Kazim, Zwelivelile Mandela, Les Levidow and Mick Napier.

Genocide Memorial Day – London, UK

IHRC are pleased to announce its 12th annual Genocide Memorial Day.Watch it on this page or www.ihrc.tv from...

WATCH: State Sanctioned Murder – Targeted Assassinations and Drone Attacks

Watch the webinar with Professor Richard Falk on State Sanctioned Murder: Targeted Assassinations and Drone Attacks, chaired by Raza Kazim and with...

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