Event Report: What's Happening To The Uighurs?

Massoud Shadjareh chaired a discussion with Enver Tohti Bughda & Abed Choudhury, in August 2019, to about the history of mistreatment and persecution of the Uighurs.

Event Report: The Uprising documentary with Pravini Baboeram

Arzu Merali chaired a film screening and Q&A with activist and singer/songwriter Pravini Baboeram.

Event Report: FREE ZAKZAKY – The Struggle Continues

Raza Kazim chaired a discussion on 28 June with guest speakers to discuss the unlawful imprisonment of Sheikh Zakzaky and seeking justice for the Zaria Massacre.

Tales of Mini Maryam – Mini Me Book Activity

This closed event took place on Friday 10th July, organised by the Children's Islamic Library. Find a summary of the event...

Event Report: Uncovering Systemic Racism

Raza Kazim chaired a discussion on 6 June 2020 with Imam Dawud Walid, Dr Mohammed Marandi and Professor Ramón Grosfoguel.

Al-Quds Day 2020 – Full Video

Watch the entire online event here.https://youtu.be/ZEjImLBlYkc

Event Report: Being British Muslims with Dr Mamnun Khan

Ahmed Uddin (a senior manager at IHRC and a consultant in the development/humanitarian sector) chaired the author evening with Dr Mamnun Khan...

Event Report: It’s Not About the Burqa with Nafisa Bakkar and...

Hafsah Dabiri (author of Basirah the Basketballer Says Insha’Allah) chaired the author evening with Nafisa Bakkar (co-founder and CEO of Amaliah) and...

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