‘9/11 – The Hidden Victims’ An IHRC Seminar

The full programme of events.

IHRC Event: 9/11 – The Hidden Victims

A seminar organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission, looking at the events of the last year and the political and military fall-out that has affected civil liberties and human rights.

RALLY IN LUTON for Human Rights and Justice in Palestine

Organised by IHRC Luton Volunteers Chapter. Supported by: Beech Hill Methodist Church, Bury Park Jamia Masjid, Green Party, Main Mosque Westbourne Road, Masjid-e-Ali, Medina Mosque, Noor Masjid, Socialist Alliance, UKIM.


Imaad, invites you to an evening of discussion on the topic of Islam and Human Rights, Reading.


An event organised by the Islamic Unity Society with various speakers.

Islamic Perspectives in Secular Societies

IHRC\'s Arzu Merali joins the panel to discuss European Muslim issues.

IHRC UK EVENT: A discussion with Professor Hamid Algar, Monday...

It is IHRC's great honour to have Professor Hamid Algar address one of our meetings.

PALESTINE: London, UK Children’s March – Save the Children in Palestine

British children will be walking hand in hand in solidarity with children in Palestine. 212 children have been killed by Israeli forces since the start of the Al-Aqsa intifada.

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