World Celebrates Global Human Rights Crisis

International Day of Human Rights has little relevance for most of the world's people, particularly Muslims

PRESS RELEASE: Libya – US / UK / European interference not...

PRESS RELEASE: Libya – US / UK / European interference not welcomed by protestors
IHRC opposes military intervention in Libya by ‘West’

PRESS RELEASE: UK – IHRC welcomes the decision to convict Alex...

"We hope that the case of Marwa will alert Europe to the growing threat of Islamophobia." Massoud Shadjareh

PRESS RELEASE: Justice for Guantanamo Captives

IHRC is calling on the US authorities to end its shameful abuse of international laws and human rights norms in Guantanamo Bay by closing down Camp Delta.

The use of chemical weapons: A statement on warfare

IHRC's statement on the use of chemical weapons in Syria last week.

Press Release: IHRC Calls upon Sir Ian Blair to Resign

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is calling upon Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair to resign from his position following leaked information that he had asked the Independent Police Complaints Commission to delay its inquiry into the fatal

Press Release: Tribunal Commends Police Brutality Against Muslims

IHRC appalled by latest injustice against Babar Ahmad

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