PRESS RELEASE: UK/Israel/Palestine – British Detention of Palestinian Activist Sheikh Raed...

Arrest of the prominent Palestinian activist sparks widespread condemnation of British government.

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC Response to Tony Blair’s Speech to the Los...

Tony Blair's comments regarding Islam and Muslims evidence a level of paranoia one would expect from a hardened conspiracy theorist

IHRC calls for ban on Bahraini Prince visiting the Olympic Games

Torturer's privaleges should be revoked

PRESS RELEASE – UK: De Menezes ruling: the cover-up continues

IHRC believes that today's ruling wrongfully absolves those guilty of what was essentially a cold blooded state-sanctioned execution

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Prevent fuels suspicion and hatred

IHRC has provided an extensive report to highlight how the prevent strategy demonises the Muslim Community.

Press release: Abu Qatada acquittal exposes British abandonment of due process

Justice for Abu Qatada could have been served a lot earlier

PRESS RELEASE: New report – 80 per cent of British...

A staggering 80 per cent of respondents in a nationwide survey of British Muslims reported experiencing discrimination.

PRESS RELEASE: Winners of the Islamophobia Awards 2005

The winners of this year\'s awards.

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