Holocaust Victims Forgotten

The 27th January has been designated Holocaust Memorial Day in commemoration of the tragic genocide against Jews by the Nazis that occurred in the first half of the 20th Century.

Boycott Hits M&S Hard

Since the nationwide picketing of Marks & Spencer (M&S) stores that began in November last year, the store has fallen victim to plummeting sales figures.

Blair Supports Apartheid

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has flagrantly spurned British Muslim concerns that the Government is playing a partisan role in the Middle East.

Blair Backs Zionist Settlement Policy

British Prime Minister promotes Zionist Campaign to expand Israeli settlements, ignores Palestinian right of return

Britain to Clampdown on Muslim “Terrorists”

Kashmir killing by British national provides pretext to demonise UK Muslim community

M&S Boycott Starts to Bite

Muslim boycott escalates despite M&S denials

Muslim Outrage at M&S Support for Israel

Muslim protests to be held at M&S stores throughout UK against links with Israel

World Celebrates Global Human Rights Crisis

International Day of Human Rights has little relevance for most of the world's people, particularly Muslims

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