PRESS RELEASE – NIGERIA: ICC cautioned against blaming victims in Nigeria...

The letter reminds the ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda that to repeat the government narrative is a grave mistake

World Celebrates Global Human Rights Crisis

International Day of Human Rights has little relevance for most of the world's people, particularly Muslims

PRESS RELEASE: Republication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) indicative of...

Reprinting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh as indicative of the level of hatred against Muslims in Europe...

Press Release: European Court Hijab Ruling Devastating Blow for Human Rights

This is a devastating blow for human rights and justice in Europe today.

PRESS RELEASE: Falluja killings – The very antithesis of “democracy”

IHRC condemns Monday night's killing of 13 civilians by US occupying forces in the town of Falluja, Iraq.

PRESS RELEASE: Faraz verdict will result in the burning of books...

Cageprisoners condemns the decision of the CPS to prosecute Ahmed Faraz for selling books, as a result of which he has now been convicted.

Press release: Indonesia accused of crime against humanity

IHRC requests ICC to investigate humanitarian crimes in Indonesia 

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