Press Release – Islamophobia is still the issue in Dutch Election

Islamophobia still prevalent in the Netherlands

Reports on Hman Rights Abuses in Zanzibar and Mauritius Launched today

IHRC will be launching its latest two reports on human rights abuses in Zanzibar and Mauritius, tonight at 6

Press release – UK: Cameron just doesn’t get the terrorism problem

IHRC finds David Cameron's latest comments irresponsible and misplaced


Petition of one thousand ignored, as Brent hires out Town Hall to Zionist Federation

Press Release: IHRC Statement on 12th Anniversary of Srebrenica

On the 12th anniversary of the worst atrocity on European soil since the Second World War, IHRC is concerned at the international community\'s responses.

PRESS RELEASE: Saudi Arabia / UK – David Cameron on friendly...

IHRC condemns PM David Cameron’s trip to “broaden and deepen” the UK-Saudi relationship in light of escalation of gross human rights abuses.

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: Charges against Sheikh Zakzaky make a mockery...

Along with his wife and two others the sheikh has been charged with eight offences, the most serious of which is punishable by death

Press Release: Panel Discussion on the aftermath of the Paris attacks

The event will take place on Saturday, 24 January at 4pm

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