Democratization and Empowerment in Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

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IHRC Legal is a new service

A new service from IHRC.

Know Your Rights

A compilation of resources on your rights under UK law, and information bon workshops.

Boycott Israeli Dates this Ramadan

Think of Palestinians this Ramadan and boycott Israeli dates

Have you been stopped at an airport under anti-terrorism powers?

Have you been stopped at an airport/port by security staff or police officers?

British Muslims’ Expectations of the Government (BMEG)

Through extensive surveys with Muslims across the UK , IHRC set out to give voice to the expectations of Muslims and articulate them to the British government.

Human Rights and Israel at 60

2008 sees the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the creation of Israel. This conference discusses the conflicting paths of these projects.

Question of Justice

Question of Justice is a TV show produced by the Islamic Human Rights Commission for Press TV. The series with the help of expert guests discusses various topics from a human rights perspective.

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