Palestine ruling a win for company accountability

"It means that pension fund contributors can be accountable for how the funds are invested." Dr Les Levidow explains how the UK...

VIDEO: Why Fly the Flag of Palestine?

IHRC's Massoud Shadjareh discussed the campaign with Marzieh Hashemi of PressTV (approx. 4 mins). Why Fly the Flag?...

Citizen India – Video & Audio

To keep uptodate with IHRC’s Citizen India campaign visit this campaign page here. Find a selection of video and audio below giving background...

Being Muslim in the Modern University

A conference @CambridgeUniversity Sun, 3rd Nov, 2019. Organised by Cambridge University Islamic Society. Watch the videos from the conference below,...

Far-Right in Europe: Is the Threat Taken Seriously?

Arzu Merali discusses the rise off the far-right and the failure of CVE regimes on TRT's Roundtable on 12 March 2020.

Boycott Israeli Dates – 2020

In this week's video, IHRC's Massoud Shadjareh, answers questions on how to boycott Israeli Dates this Ramadan. From companies growing on Occupied...

IHRC marks Genocide Memorial Day to prevent future atrocities

Press TV's Bianca Rahimi covered the London, UK event. Watch the video or read the article.

Sheikh Zakzaky on US extrajudicial killings

This short clip is reportedly taken from Sheikh's speech during Shabaniyah celebrations in June 2014.

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