Audio: Shaikh Zakzaky – Victim Of The Sectarian Military Complex

Imam Muhammad al-Asi's Friday Khutbah overviews the sectarian position around Sheikh Zakzaky from Shi'is and Sunnis.

Insight to riot (A glimpse into UK unrest in the summer...

8 years ago today black, immigrant and working class youth rose up across England in what was called the ‘riots’ of August...

IHRC: Adjourning the hearing benefits those who want Zakzaky dead

Massoud Shadjareh discusses the latest situation in Nigeria regarding the deteriorating situation of Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky.

Persian Gulf tensions continue

The Iranian media are reporting that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has seized what it calls a “foreign oil tanker” carrying one...

Demir Mahmutcehajic on Bosnia and Forgotten Genocide

Bosnian Activist Demir Mahmutcehajic discusses the background to and his experiences of the Bosnian war 1992 - 1995. He discusses not...

Free Zakzaky sit-in held outside Nigerian High Commission in London, UK

Massoud Shadjareh discusses the latest protests in the UK for Sheikh Zakzaky

Trump slammed for disgusting attack on US congresswomen

Arzu Merali joins Press TV to discuss Trump's racist tweets telling four congresswomen to go back to 'their countries'.

U.S. threatens more sanctions, vows to build military coalition against Iran

The US is promising to ramp up sanctions on Iran and is seeking to create a military coalition to protect commercial...

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