BBC Asian Network Eid Packs

BBC Asian Network report on Eid Packs donated by IHRC to Muslim Prisoners

Neigeme Glasgow Maeda – Genocide Memorial Day 2012

Neigeme is giving a presentation at the third annual Genocide Memorial Day event.

Islam Growing Fast In UK As Church of England Wanes

Massoud Shadjareh on Press TV

VIDEO ARCHIVE – Genocide Memorial Day 2011

A selection of videos from Genocide Memorial Day 2011

Analysis: Bosnia holds its first post-war Census

Massoud Shadjareh, Mustafa Ceric and others join John Rees on Islam Channel to discuss the implications of and controversies around the census.

Decolonising Education: How can we teach and learn a better world?

A range of speakers discussed the project of decolonising education

“Media and authorities aid anti-Muslim hatred in UK “

The actions of Anders Breivik in Norway have sent shockwaves across Europe, particularly here in the UK.

Genocide Memorial Day 2012

IHRC are holding their third annual Genocide Memorial Day on 22 January 2012 between 4 – 8pm at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS in London.

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