IHRC Weekly Video – Al Quds Day 2018

Last year Al Quds Day faced an unprecedented smear campaign by the far-right and Zionist media that led terrorist Darren Osborne to attempt to target the peaceful protest.

Author evening with Salman Sayyid

Why 'A Fundamental Fear' is still relevant.

Entrevista com Robert Rustem, Arzu Merali e Sandew Hira

Listen to interview with Arzu Merali, Robert Rustem and Sandew Hira on Decolonalism. 

VIDEO ARCHIVE – Genocide Memorial Day 2011

A selection of videos from Genocide Memorial Day 2011

Arzu Merali – Human Rights and Anti-imperialism

Universal Justice Network Conference 2012
Indonesia – Malaysia

Belgium: Individual Oral Statement regarding the discrimination against Muslim women living...

The IHRC raises concerns regarding the discrimination against Muslim women with headscarves in Belgium.

Police accused of brutality over Gaza demonstrations – Press TV

A report by a human rights organisation has criticised the British police for what it calls "brutality" during anti-Israel demonstrations in London one year ago.

Muslim history in the USA and the current uprisings

Listen to Saeed A. Khan discuss the new IHRC publication from him and Saied R. Ameli, What's Going on Here? Muslim experiences...

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