Protests at pro-Palestinian rally

A pro-Palestinian demonstration met with verbal protests from a small band of far-right extremists.

Far right EDL supporters confront pro Palestinian protesters

Members of the far-right 'English Defence League' demonstrate at London march in support of Gaza.

Press TV – Minarets ban in Switzerland

In an interview with the Press TV’s Fine Print programme recorded on 12 July 2009 IHRC chair Massoud Shadjareh joins Taner Hatipoglu, President of Islamic Union Zurich to discuss the issue of the Minarets ban in Switzerland.

Nigeria: Oral statement on the outcome of Nigeria under the UPR

Many trials in Nigerian Sharia court fail to conform to international standards of fairness and do not respect due process even as defined by Sharia legislation.

Press TV – The concept of justice in Islam

The Panel at the Press TV’s Islam and life programme disscuss the concept of justice in Islam.

Press TV – UK Muslims alienated by government anti-terror plans

An interview recorded in 2009 on the UK governments clamp down on extremism. Press TV’s Roshan Muhammed Salih Reports.

Gaza: the Muslim response

Sultanah Parvin (Hizb ut-Tahrir), Umm Taqi (in Gaza) and Arzu Merali (Islamic Human Rights Commission) discuss the Muslim response to the Gaza attacks.

Massoud Shadjareh discusses Anti-Racism summit row with Riz Khan

Attacks on the follow-up world conference against racism 'Durban II'Al-Jazeera: On Riz Khan, live...

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