Trump, Suu Kyi Win Big at Islamophobia Awards

Press TV reports from the 2017 Islamophobia Awards.

Analysis: Bosnia holds its first post-war Census

Massoud Shadjareh, Mustafa Ceric and others join John Rees on Islam Channel to discuss the implications of and controversies around the census.

Outrageuos Saudi Hajj Stance On Iran

Massoud Shadjareh on Press TV

International Pressure On Myanmar Necessary

Massoud Shadjareh joins Press TV to discuss the need for international action on Myanmar.

Myanmar Rohingya Abandoned

Massoud Shadjareh provides commentary for PressTv on the Myanmar elections and its impact on the situation of minorities.

Exposing Slavery in the UK

Featuring Arzu Merali on Press TVKeywords: Modern day slavery, slavery, UK

60,000 Flee Myanmar Violence Into Bangladesh

Arzu Merali joins the Top 5 on Press TV to discuss the latest abuses committed against the Rohingya.

Rohingya Muslim Villages Torched In Myanmar

Arzu Merali joins PressTV to discuss the latest atrocities.

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