Petri dish Detention by Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky

A chilling update on the situation of Sheikh El-Zakaky and Mallama Zeenah from their son Mohammed.

Letter to President Buhari seeking release of Zakzakys

Dear President,I am writing to urge your intervention in the case of Sheikh Ibrahim...

"Protect our laws and humanity!" Open Letter by 256 Organizations

IHRC is one of the 256 signatories to this urgent letter regarding the situation of refugees currently stranded on Europe's borders. Please share and make your voice heard.

Punishing sanctions against Iran are turning the coronavirus pandemic into a...

IHRC Chair, Massoud Shadjareh lambasts the cruelty of the sanctions regime in EuroNews.Coronavirus is...

ILWILR: Fuad Nahdi

Inna Lilla wa inna Ilayhi Rajioun – To God we belong and to God we ReturnIHRC is saddened...

Far-Right in Europe: Is the Threat Taken Seriously?

Arzu Merali discusses the rise off the far-right and the failure of CVE regimes on TRT's Roundtable on 12 March 2020.

From the Archives: Huda Kaya and the Malatya 75

Barrister Osama Daneshyar shares his memories of the case, which he attended as an IHRC trial observer in 1999.

Letter to UN re repatriation of Bahraini citizens stranded in Iran

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