Letter to schools to resist intimidation and gaslighting over Palestine support

Dear Head Teachers and School Leaders,Children’s education needs free debate on Israel-Palestine: stop the intimidation

Hazaras & Uigurs

Raza Kazim discusses the ongoing protests against the recent killing of Hazara Muslims by the Daesh terrorist group spread from southwestern city...

Working with the system – a way to tackle racism?

Arzu Merali and Saeed Khan talk to Muhsin Abbas on 20th Hour regarding ways to tackle Islamophobia - specifically, is it possible...

COVID-19 Hits Kaduna Prison, As My Mother Tested Positive

A heartfelt call from Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky6 days ago after a routine visit to...

Pressures on Muslim Organisations – What's the Way Forward?

Watch Arzu Merali discuss this issue with Roshan Salih on The Big Picture. Find more resources on the subject below the...

Murder by drone: killing with impunity Western style

Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, says that the West’s use of drones to murder their political foes needs...

Response to Daily Mail

The EditorThe Daily MailNorthcliffe House2 Derry Street

Letter to UN urging investigation into murder of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

Antonio GuterresSecretary GeneralUnited NationsNew York, NYUSA

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