UN team to visit Myanmar over child soldiers

U.N. representative reports some positive developments. Visit part of effort to draw up plans to halt practice. Security Council passes resolution to expand blacklist.

Police officers in abuse case accused of 60 other assaults

Met reveals four were subject of dozens of allegations by black or Asian men.

Justice in America: The Pelican Bay Prison Hunger Strike, Lynne Stewart,...

The 'Pelican Bay' prisoners hunger strike

UK says no to arms embargo on Israel

The British government has refused to heed a petition calling on the UK to impose an arms embargo on Israel and press other countries to stop supplying arms to the Jewish state.

Anti-Islamists target Palestinian rally in central London

Fury as Muslim meeting is switched to Pall Mall while right-wingers protest in Trafalgar Square

United States Shields Israeli War Criminals

The Goldstone report and the hypocritical approach by the United States towards Israeli atrocities, discusses Mohamed Idris.

European Court stands firm on French full veil ban

Arzu Merali on the European Court of Human Right's decision to uphold France's ban on wearing full face veils in public.

Suu Kyi After Muslim-Free Myanmar

Massoud Shadjareh joins News Analysis on Press TV to discuss the ongoing genocide against the Rohingya.

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