Sarkozy stirs tensions as he declares burkas ‘not welcome’ in France

Five years after outlawing Muslim head scarves in public schools, French lawmakers are taking aim at the face-covering niqab and burka, calling the garments an “ambulatory prison” for women.

Medical aid convoy stranded on Gaza border

A convoy bringing medical aid to Gaza is stranded at the border with Egypt, after most of the activists and volunteers with it were denied entry.

Netanyahu says Israel ready for a Palestinian state – with conditions

But a future Palestine must be 'demilitarized,' and the Jewish settlements won't be halted, Israel's leader says.

China executes two Uighurs in East Turkistan in disputed attack

China executed two Uighurs in East Turkistan after a court convicted them over a deadly attack on police in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics.

From hell to paradise for ex-Gitmo detainees

Four ethnic Uighurs adjusting to Bermuda, and life on outside

Four Points on Syria

Robin Yassin-Kassab summarise the crisis in Syria into four points.

Fayyad urges UN to press Israel on fence

Palestinian authority calls on the international community to stop Israel from defying the international ruling on the separation barriers, 'Judaisation' of Jerusalem and the expansion of settlements.

MAPIM reminds local Islamic authorities of Amman Message

An Islamic organisaiton has reminded local religious authorities of the Amman message signed in 2004.

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