Activist’s letter smuggled out of Saudi jail reveals gross human rights...

Dr. Mubarak Aal-Zuair's smuggled letter from Al-Malaz prison in Saudi Arabia.

UK says no to arms embargo on Israel

The British government has refused to heed a petition calling on the UK to impose an arms embargo on Israel and press other countries to stop supplying arms to the Jewish state.

In US, Egypt leader puts onus on Israel

Egyptian President attempts to push Israel to break the deadlock with the Arab nations.

Prominent activist profiled on SAS Airlines, removed from flight

Dana Mahmood reports how Engineer Fadil Suleiman head of Bridges, was thrown out of an SAS airplane while taking a domestic flight on 2 November 2011.


PARIS -- Israel has always believed in “creating facts on the ground,” whose existence may later come as a unpleasant surprise to others. Iran now seems to have learned from this Israeli precedent, to Israel's disadvantage.

Claims of British collusion in torture spread to Egypt

Briton claims UK colluded in his torture in Egypt. Detainee says he was hooded and beaten over five days.

Communitarianism in France is mainly a white communitarianism

Interview with Ramon Grosfoguel, Professor of Ethnic Studies at University of California, Berkeley.

Immigrants will have to ‘earn’ citizenship, says Phil Woolas

Immigration minister says new system for immigrants seeking a British passport will 'break the link between temporary migration and permanent citizenship'

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