MAP founder to join Freedom Flotilla

Dr Swee Chai Ang is set to board the Freedom Flotilla boat Al-Awda next week in an effort to break the 12-year siege of the Gaza Strip

MPs call for review of arms exports after Israeli assault on...

Components from UK 'almost certainly' used in Operation Cast Lead.

An Al Quds Day Letter to Tony Blair from Lauren Booth

Lauren Booth sets out to destroy the stereotypes surrounding Al-Quds Day, Muslims and 'political Islam'.

Will Pakistan Become Obama’s Vietnam?

“Stop the Taliban now – or we will,” cried a recent headline in London's Sunday Times.

Abbas’ Fatah confers for second day

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party is meeting for a second day in Bethlehem, in a conference seen by many as an opportunity to reform the party.

Egyptian security forces arrest and beat peaceful protestors

Egyptian crack down on peaceful demonstrators results in 90 arrests.

Srebrenica – the Result of Religious Bigotry and Fear

It is relatively easy to incite hatred and fear of "the other"

Horrific attack on 55-year-old Muslim woman

A Muslim woman was attacked in the early hours of Monday morning in Mayfair, London.

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