Abbas plans new Palestinian cabinet

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, has said he will swear in a new government, without the rival Hamas movement, in the next 48 hours.

Palestine calls for Security Council resolution in wake of UN report

Palestinian authority expresses its satisfaction of the latest UN report on Gaza, Calling on the UN to purse for compensation.


PARIS -- Israel has always believed in “creating facts on the ground,” whose existence may later come as a unpleasant surprise to others. Iran now seems to have learned from this Israeli precedent, to Israel's disadvantage.

Another torture scandal for Egypt

The Lebanese al-Jadid TV network on Tuesday night released a footage showing excruciating torture of a Lebanese detained by Egyptian forces.

2008 ‘deadliest’ year for Palestinians: rights group

GAZA CITY (AFP) — More than 1,000 Palestinians were killed in 2008 in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, making it the deadliest year since Israel was founded in 1948, a Palestinian rights group said on Saturday.

Israeli Human rights groups slam settlement expansions

Israeli Ministry urges expansion of settlements

Meet the Press transcript for 26 April 2009

Robert Gibbs, King Abdullah II of Jordan, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jon Meacham interviewed on Meet the Press.

Racist escapes terror charge after threat to behead and bomb Muslims

THE Crown Office has been accused of double standards by Scotland\'s biggest Islamic group for not bringing terrorism charges against a man who threatened to blow up a mosque and behead Muslims.

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