Promises in an Israeli prison

"YOU have entered the State of Israel, so you must do it!"

Eye witness account on Egypt’s events

Below is an eye witness account of the current situation in Egypt.

Police officers in abuse case accused of 60 other assaults

Met reveals four were subject of dozens of allegations by black or Asian men.

London Vigil for Gaza at Israeli Embassy, as Israel massacres Gazans

Human Right supporters hold a vigil outside the Israeli Embassy, London on 10th March 2012, as Israel continues to massacre Gazans.

PM – Obama embarks on peace in the Middle East

This is a transcript from PM. A program broadcasted on Australian Radio National and ABC Local Radio.

Kenan Malik: journey of an ex-anti-racist

Kenan Malik's latest book From Fatwa To Jihad: the Rushdie affair and its legacy distorts anti-racist history and plays into the hands of today's anti-Muslim politics.

UK says no to arms embargo on Israel

The British government has refused to heed a petition calling on the UK to impose an arms embargo on Israel and press other countries to stop supplying arms to the Jewish state.

Obama presses Netanyahu over two-state plan

US President Barack Obama has urged visiting Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to accept a Palestinian state.

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