First, we should love ourselves

Response of Houria Bouteldja to third meetings on Immigration, Créteil November 26, 2011

Target Iran: Washington’s Countdown to War

Tom Burghardt analyses US manoeuverings over Iran

If history is to be believed; Appointment of two police officers...

[Bahrain Freedom Movement 3 Dec 2011] Bahraini opposition have been outraged by the tactics of deception adopted by the Al Khalifa clan as they continue to divert attention away from their crimes and the people's calls for their downfall from power.

Syria and the Line Between Imperialism and Humanitarianism

Anyone who followed Twitter during last week’s BBC Question Time would have seen a barrage of criticism four letter insults towards one of the panelists after a question to the panel on Syria.

Poppies: Political and Patriotic

It was like Agincourt, the Battle of Britain and Wembley in 1966.

The Irvine 11 and Criminalisation of “Free Speech”

Dr. Abdul Wahid explains the consequences of the case.

Reflections on Norway’s Terror Attacks

Iffit Qureshi on the terror attacks in Norway.

Norway’s Tragedy Illustrates Europe’s Political Paradox

Dr. Abdul Wahid reflects on how one man has committed mass murder, but exposed a host of contradictions for an entire continent.

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