Lynne Stewart released

Some thoughts on the release of the peoples’ lawyer.

From Lynne: A Message for October 8, my 74 Birthday

A Message for October 8, my 74 Birthday

Tony Blair Institute report ‘Narratives of Division’ – A critique

The report's publication was timely as just weeks earlier IHRC published a briefing analysing how the label “extremism” was being used to elbow Muslim organisations out of policymaking.

Tahrir Square: Back to Square One

Robert Saleem Holbrook gives an account of the Egypt beyond the Tahrir square uprising.

A marriage of convenience

Faisal Bodi explains how a shared interest in promoting Islamophobia is nourishing an unlikely alliance between Zionist Jews and the extreme far right.

Clinton plays Russian Roulette with Justice

Yvonne Ridley laments the double standards of US diplomatic discourse.


Decoloniality Europe's statement in support of #RhodesMustFall

An Awards show with a difference

Faisal Bodi on the good, the bad and the ugly of the Islamophobia Awards

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