An Awards show with a difference

Faisal Bodi on the good, the bad and the ugly of the Islamophobia Awards

We Are On The Streets

We are on the streets because we do not want to live by the lies of Israel and its apologists. From Moosa Arendt

Women’s liberation and the French burkini ban

The undressing of Muslim women by French authorities has a long colonial history

Syria and the Line Between Imperialism and Humanitarianism

Anyone who followed Twitter during last week’s BBC Question Time would have seen a barrage of criticism four letter insults towards one of the panelists after a question to the panel on Syria.

Assault on the myth of Western superiority

Bilal Cleland looks at John M. Hobson's critical inquiry into current 'civilisational' discourse.

Al-Quds under Threat – part 1

Jerusalem Day March spells anxiety for besieged Palestinian community in the Old City.

The UK Anti-Terrorism Laws: Why Do We Oppose Them?

A letter to IHRC supporters regarding the Counter Terrorism Bill

Gaza – One Year On

Gaza - the word that will forever remain etched in the hearts and minds of generations upon generations of people all over the world. 

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