The Use of Government Terror against the Oppressed

A comment piece by Bilal Cleland, who looks at the slave labour roots of Australia

Spies and Whistleblowers

Moosa Arednt provides a humorous take on the current GCHQ spying scandal

Enduring Hierarchies of Power: On Islamophobia Today

Azru Merali offers some reflections on what the fight against Islamophobia entails today

Viewpoint: Islam & Modernity

Arzu Merali looks at this 'debate'.

French protest ban supports Zionist aims

Faisal Bodi on the recently imposed ban that prohibits pro-Palestine demonstrations in Paris

Lurking danger: Palestinian refugees in Syria

“The flames are quickly approaching Yarmouk (as) someone is trying to drag the Palestinians into the fire.”

The Guantánamo Legacy – Ten years of criminality go beyond this...

Dr Abdul Wahid reflects on 10 years of the US camp

The Justice and Security Bill will diminish accountability

A comment piece by Frances Webber on a bill that potentially will threaten civil proceedings

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