Archbishop’s views on Muslims and multiculturalism are a throwback to colonialism

In his new book, Reimagining Britain, the Archbishop of Canterbury has questioned the compatibility of Islamic values with the Christian basis of life in Britain. Comment piece from Faisal Bodi

Demand for an apology and clarification from The Times

IHRC has had sight of an email from the Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust chair to The Times dated today 10 October...

Mohammad Zakzaky statement

Statement from Mohammad El-Zakzaky, son of Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and Mallima Zeena. To campaign for justice for the Sheikh and Mallima...

ILWIIR: Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri

The death of Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri is a great loss to the Islamic world. He died of a heart attack...

ILWIIR: Mehmet Ali Tekin

Inna lilla wa inna ilayhi rajiounIHRC is saddened to hear of the death of Mehmet Ali Tekin.  He...

Tony Blair Institute report ‘Narratives of Division’ – A critique

The report's publication was timely as just weeks earlier IHRC published a briefing analysing how the label “extremism” was being used to elbow Muslim organisations out of policymaking.

Guantánamo at 10: The rise and rise of US exceptionalism and...

Arzu Merali looks at the significance of the notorious prison camp

Education: the new battleground for Muslim assimilation

The heavy crackdown against Muslim schools reveals much more about the government's strategy for assimilating Britain's Muslims than any genuine fears about radicalisation or extremism, believes Faisal Bodi.

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