Viewpoint: Islam & Modernity

Arzu Merali looks at this 'debate'.

The Justice and Security Bill will diminish accountability

A comment piece by Frances Webber on a bill that potentially will threaten civil proceedings

Mamade Kadreebux

On the news of the death of Mamade Kadreebux

The souls of Muslim folk

The author uses double consciousness theory in an attempt to understand problems in the contemporary Muslim world.

Capitalism: A Ghost Story

Rockefeller to Mandela, Vedanta to Anna Hazare.... How long can the cardinals of corporate gospel buy up our protests?

Anti-Shia sectarianism on hajj is a worrying trend

Nazim Ali says anti-Shia sectarianism is a growing and worrying trend during the hajj pilgrimage.

Yes, another white man is UK’s terror watch dog – but...

When there is no right way to review the wrong laws, diversity in counter-terrorism or policing leadership doesn’t matter

Religious tolerance a passing phenomenon

Bilal Cleland discusses the Ottoman roots of European tolerance.

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