UK-based campaign urges an end to Myanmar violence

IHRC's work in Myanmar featured on PressTV

What does Iran’s nuclear deal mean for Palestine?

Watch Massoud Shadjareh discuss Palestine and Iran

International Pressure On Myanmar Necessary

Massoud Shadjareh joins Press TV to discuss the need for international action on Myanmar.

Loud & Clear Interviews Massoud Shadjareh

The United Nations estimates that Syria will need $388 billion to rebuild from a seven-year-long civil war

£50 million trial in 5 cities to help bridge ‘isolated communities’...

Raza Kazim debates a hysterical John Gaunt, over renewed government plans to integrate english language skills with the PVE agenda.

El-Zakyzaky Appears Before UN Rights Commission

El-Zakyzaky's appearance was facilitated by the fact-finding team of the Islamic Human Rights Commission

Saudi Arabia hiding real crush death toll

Discussing Saudis’ mismanagement of the Hajj pilgrimage

Rohingya Detained While Fleeing Myanmar

Arzu Merali discusses the latest atrocities.

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