Rights group blasts Myanmar on Rohingya genocide

Raza Kazim speaks to Press TV about IHRC's new report

Anti-Israel rally through London on Quds Day / Israel should be...

Quds Day is a day Muslims from all around the world show their support for the oppressed Muslims of Palestine.

Islamophobia to be tackled by new project in Scotland

A new resource tackling anti-Muslim hate is to be launched in Scotland.

Kuwait Offers Stateless Arabs Citizenship in African Country 3,000 Miles Away

IHRC says the plan highlights the Kuwaiti government's lack of respect for the Bidoon

Analyzing Islamophobia in Canada

Press TV on IHRC's publication: “Only Canadian: The Experience of Hate Moderated Differential Citizenship for Muslims”

Former Lord Mayor found guilty of abusing Muslim Stop the War...

Mark Hackett emailed the unnamed man - who had invited him to speak at a Gaza-related event - a bizarre tirade of abuse last summer

Islamophobes Of The Year 2018 – Press TV

A review of the Islamophobia Awards by Bianca Rahimi.

A Falling Out Among Thieves: Why is Saudi Monarchy Attacking Qatar?

Discussing foreign policy and the UK election

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