Rise of fascism on back of Islamophobia worrying

A controversial far-right Dutch politician has reiterated his pledge to de-Islamize the Netherlands

British Muslims attack “draconian” proposals

British Muslims attack "draconian" proposals

The New Prevent: Birkbeck and the Future of Universities

For activists and academics, the cancellation of the conference shows that Birkbeck is not as progressive as it believes

Press TV – Confidence to challenge the Taghut

IHRC chair Massoud Shadjareh joins Imam al-Asi to discuss the issue.

Nigeria issues arrest warrant for Islamic movement’s spokesman

Nigeria has issued a warrant for the arrest of the spokesman of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) a few days after banning the group

IHRC condemn UK tactic toward protests

Massod Shajareh, head of Islamic Human Rights Commission in London, has condemned British police tactic towards protesting students against tuition fees rise.

Far-right rally in UK protests plan for mosque construction

British supporters of far-right groups stage a protest rally in Dudley, West Midlands, against plans for building a new mosque there

Champion of UK burka ban declares war on veil-wearing constituents

Last night Muslim groups condemned Philip Hollobone and accused him of failing in his duty as an MP.

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