ISIL created to split Muslims, taint Islam: Analyst

Watch a Press TV interview with Massoud Shadjareh about ISIL

Intelligence Report Declares Biafra Agitators, IMN, Boko Haram Threats to National...

IHRC has written to President Muhammadu Buhari asking him to release Zakzaky on medical grounds

Worship In Jerusalem For Ramadan’s Final Friday Prayer At Al-Aqsa Mosque

Praying at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on the last Friday of the month in Ramadhan

Massoud Shadjareh: Islamophobia dates back to before 9/11

Press TV interviewed Massoud Shadjareh to discuss the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre

Islamophobia on the rise in UK

Islamophobia is on the rise in UK, reported by Press TV.

Legal challenge mounted against UK anti-terror law

Anti-terror powers allowing police to stop individuals at UK ports for up to nine hours are challenged in Supreme Court

Nail bomb explosion at English mosque a “terrorist” incident

Bomb explosion near mosque treated as terrorist incident.

London Protesters Demand Justice For Zaria Massacre Victims During Buhari Visit

The aim of the protest is to call attention to the Zaria massacre, in which at least 350 Shiite Muslims were killed by the Nigerian military

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