Pakistani Muslims sign unity declaration

Video clip of UJN meeting in Bodrum, bringing together representatives of Pakistan Islam sects and movements.

May calls on Muslims to respect UK values

Theresa May has urged British Muslims to help deal with extremism

UK Education Secretary says all schools should promote ‘British values’

Michael Gove says all schools should promote "British values" following revelations that some head teachers have failed to tackle religious extremism

Muslim Persecution In Myanmar

Massoud Shadjareh discusses the worsening situation for the Rohingya in Myanmar.

West creating divisions among Muslims: Analyst

A political commentator says certain Western groups are working to create divisions among Muslims to impede Islam’s rapid growth across the world.

Alabama Political Earthquake: What Does It Mean for Politics in the...

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation met in Istanbul today to condemn President Trump's decision to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Muslim juror who refused to take veil off is ordered to...

A Muslim woman was barred from serving on a jury yesterday because she refused to remove her veil.

Anti-Islamophobia kit launched in European Parliament

Experts outline 10 counter-narratives to Islamophobia in Europe

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