ISIL created to split Muslims, taint Islam: Analyst

Watch a Press TV interview with Massoud Shadjareh about ISIL

‘13,000 victims of slavery in UK’

Arzu Merali blames what she calls economic colonialism for the modern slavery crisis in the UK

Massoud Shadjareh on RT: Discussing Palestinian School Books

Are Palestinian school books promoting 'martyrdom'?

Pro-Palestinian Activists March Through London to Mark al-Quds Day

The goal of the march was to call for an end to racism, anti-Semitism and Zionism

Islamophobia in the US is mainstream

A UN report condemns Israel’s arrests of Palestinian children in Electronic Intifada

Human rights in Bahrain in grave stage

It's categorically demonstrable by facts and figures that Bahrain has one of the blackest human rights records among the Arab countries surrounding the Persian Gulf.

West creating divisions among Muslims: Analyst

A political commentator says certain Western groups are working to create divisions among Muslims to impede Islam’s rapid growth across the world.

Here’s What Western Countries Can Learn From Iran’s Response to Terrorism

Iran, although it responds swiftly, are not really taking actions which would escalate and bring insecurity to the whole region

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