10,000 sign petition for Salah’s release

Activists sign a pettition asking for the release of Sheikh Raed Salah.

Bahrain to try 400 peaceful protesters

Bahrain's opposition party al-Wefaq says the Manama regime is to put nearly 400 people on trial over their alleged roles in peaceful anti-regime protests.

‘Military trials will backfire on Al-Khalifa’

Interview with Saeed al-Shahabi, Bahraini opposition leader, London.

Celebra Grupo de Países No Alineados en la UNESCO Mesa Redonda...

FRANCIA, 10 de Junio de 2011.- El Grupo de Países No Alineados en la UNESCO celebró el 10 de Junio una Mesa Redonda sobre “El papel de los medios en la promoción del diálogo de las culturas en un mundo globalizado” en la Sede de esta Organización.

‘US, KSA seek similar Yemen president’

Interview with Raza Kazim, from the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London.

Bahraini State Terror Continues

Bahraini and Saudi security forces continue daily terror in Bahrain, human rights groups condemning the violence, including Amnesty International (AI), providing regular updates.

Human rights in Bahrain in grave stage

It's categorically demonstrable by facts and figures that Bahrain has one of the blackest human rights records among the Arab countries surrounding the Persian Gulf.

Islamic Human Rights Commission slams Mubarak

The Islamic Human Rights Commission has slammed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak for refusing to step down immediately.

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