‘US, KSA seek similar Yemen president’

Interview with Raza Kazim, from the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London.

Bahraini State Terror Continues

Bahraini and Saudi security forces continue daily terror in Bahrain, human rights groups condemning the violence, including Amnesty International (AI), providing regular updates.

Human rights in Bahrain in grave stage

It's categorically demonstrable by facts and figures that Bahrain has one of the blackest human rights records among the Arab countries surrounding the Persian Gulf.

Islamic Human Rights Commission slams Mubarak

The Islamic Human Rights Commission has slammed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak for refusing to step down immediately.

UK delivers new demand for Egyptian reform

The UK government has demanded an "orderly transition" to democratic government in Egypt, as the protests continue.

Israel, anti-Semitism and the black humour of hypocrisy

Sometimes the best comedy is made by people who are not trying to be funny. At least, that’s what I discovered when I was accused of emulating the Nazis.

IHRC condemn UK tactic toward protests

Massod Shajareh, head of Islamic Human Rights Commission in London, has condemned British police tactic towards protesting students against tuition fees rise.

Sri Lankan Maid To Be Beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Laura talks of the plight of a seventeen year old being executed for a crime she may not have committed.

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