Myanmar Government Ethnic Cleansing

Massoud Shadjareh speaks with Kaneez Fatima ofPress TV on the blocking of aid and aid workers reaching Rohingya.

60,000 Flee Myanmar Violence Into Bangladesh

Arzu Merali joins the Top 5 on Press TV to discuss the latest abuses committed against the Rohingya.

Myanmar’s Crackdown On Rohingya Is Ethnic Cleansing

Massoud Shadjareh is interviewed by Kaneez Fatima on Press TV about the latest attacks on the Rohingya.

Myanmar Government Inquiry a Pointless Exercise

The idea of the Myanmar government investigating itself is ludicrous, argues Massoud Shadjareh.

European Parliament Denounces Myanmar Atrocities

Arzu Merali discusses the denunciation of Myanmar by the EU.

Islam Growing Fast In UK As Church of England Wanes

Massoud Shadjareh on Press TV

Everyday is Punish a Muslim Day : When will the UK...

Arzu Merali joins Salaam Media in South Africa to discuss the issue.Moulana Abdurahman...

Rohingya Detained While Fleeing Myanmar

Arzu Merali discusses the latest atrocities.

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