Islamic Human Rights Commission cuts ties with ‘Orwellian’ British govt

The IHRC also hit out at the government’s Counter Terrorism and Security Bill which is currently being debated in parliament

American Exceptionalism, Eurocentrism and Otherisation of Muslims

In his book “American Exceptionalism, Eurocentrism and Otherisation of Muslims” Dr. Saied Reza Ameli examines the major myths that have distorted views amongst non-Muslims

London police taken to court over discrimination

London Metropolitan police taken to court over failure to address complaints of discrimination against Muslims under counter-terrorism legislation 

MI5 spied on Doris Lessing For Decades

Newly declassified documents show that Nobel Prize-winning author Doris Lessing was spied on by British security services for more than 20 years

Islamic extremists: “We are 100 percent against them” – Muslim Brotherhood

British government considering taking new measures against the Muslim Brotherhood

Suu Kyi After Muslim-Free Myanmar

Massoud Shadjareh joins News Analysis on Press TV to discuss the ongoing genocide against the Rohingya.

Saudi Shiite cleric sentenced to death for ‘sedition’

Verdict risks further tensions with Saudi's minority Shiite community

UK Muslim Organizations Accuse Government of Islamophobia

A U.K. anti-terrorism program presents the Islamic faith as opposite to "British values," advocates say

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