Right-wing groups plan to confront pro-Palestinian march in London

Police on alert ahead of Al-Quds Day rally after organisation tells its supporters to 'let them know they aren't welcome'

IHRC’s Raza Kazim on Listening Post

Raza Kazim of Islamic Human Rights Commission speaking on the on the heart-rending death of Marwa Al Sherbini, on Aljazeera‘s Listening Post program.

People’s Mujahiddin of Iran (PMOI) or Mujahiddin-e-Khalq (MEK): An update

A briefing written by Stephen Jones on the exiled Iranian group, Mujahiddin-e-Khalq.

British Muslims: Media Islamophobic and Racist

A comprehensive review of IHRC’s Report entitled “British Media and Muslim Representation” by Halima Columbo.

IHRC report on discrimination

BBC coverage regarding volume two of British Muslims' Expectations report.

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