IHRC on CST’s response to its briefing

IHRC presents this two part response to the CST's document 'The Islamic Human Rights Commission and CST' by Dave Rich dated June 17th 2009.

Know Your Rights: Attending Protests

Please read through the following to be up-to-date on what powers can and can’t be used against protestors at demonstration in...

VENEZUELA: A list of resources on the current situation and coup...

.  The following provide background information and ongoing analysis in English, Spanish and Dutch.  Please follow this page for new information.  Encourage...

Good Practice on the Headscarf in Europe

An examination of how various European countries have tried to integrate headscarf-wearing women into the education and work sector by taking steps to accommodate their religious practices.

Islamophobia in Papua New Guinea

This paper is an analysis of the briefing document representing "the combined voice of the leaders and Pastors of major Christian denominations in PNG”, produced by them at the request of Papua New Guinea's Minister for Youth, Religion a

A briefing on the human rights situation in Nigeria as of...

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned about the continuing human rights abuses in Nigeria under the leadership of General Abdulsalami Abubakar.

Implications of CST’s demonisation of Islam and Muslims

Collated document of briefings and exchanges between the IHRC and CST.

Tajikistan’s Civil War and Post-1997 Eevents

Tajikistan is the poorest nation in Central Asia, with over 80% of the population living in poverty. Since its 1992 independence Tajikistan has been plagued by epidemic unemployment and a collapsed economy.

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