Decolonizzando la Francia

Ahmed Hassan dà una panoramica sulla presentazione di Houria Bouteldja che ha avuto luogo presso la sede di Islamic Human Rights Commision nel 2013.

Perils of the Israel model

2006: Critiquing India’s ‘do or die’ attitude towards ‘terrorism’, Praful Bidwai analyses New Delhi’s obsession with the Israeli model and its moral and practical implications.

Judaism vs Zionism in the Holy Land

Professor Yakov Rabkin presents a fascinating examination of Jewish opposition to Zionism within the Holy Land and a vision of a “post-Israel” Middle East.  September 2006.

The Indian Diaspora in Holland

An article by Sandew Hira on The Indian Diaspora in Holland

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

The story of Mumia Abu Jamal and the American justice system by Sana Mushtaq.

Emergency Legislation Violates Human Rights Standards

Home Secretary David Blunkett is taking steps to introduce emergency legislation as a result of the atrocities of September 11. The Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Bill includes measures to detain terrorist suspects indefinitely without trial.

Proposed Australian Anti-Terror Laws

Australia's pending proposals to introduce new measures under scrutiny.

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