Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001

A brief overview of how the Act confers greater powers on law enforcement authorities to counter terrorism but severely limits civil liberties and human rights.

The International Criminal Court and Possible US Prosecution

Perpetrators safe in the knowledge that the international community will not bring them to account have committed some of the worst crimes of modern times.

Review of Minority Conditions in China

Extensive background information on the persecution of religious and other minorities in China.

Young-Uyghur Women Transferred from Rural China for Forced Labour in Eastern...

Uyghur women targeted by large-scale government programme aimed at transferring them to from rural to urban areas for forced labour.

Critiquing the human rights atrocities of Manus Island Detention Centre

The detention facility has been heavily criticised by human rights organisations in regards to the appalling conditions it facilitates towards refugees

Mercenaries in Bahrain: The cruel crackdown of the uprising

An analysis on the recruitment of foreign mercenaries by Bahrain authorities in order to curb anti-regime protests

Violating with Impunity: Saudi War Crimes in Yemen

The coalition forces have done little to distinguish between military and civilian targets, with the Yemeni civilian population the main victims of this conflict

Recommendations from ‘British Anti-Terrorism: A Modern day Witchhunt’

IHRC's response to the British government's anti-terrorism measures.

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