Assaisnated by Democracy: The Haditha Massacre and US Culpability for...

A briefing on the recent Haditha massacres in Iraq and its implications.

Freedom of Religion in Belgium and the Hijab

An overview of the laws pertaining to headscarves for women in Belgium, and Belgium's obligations under international human rights norms.

IHRC response to: ‘Preventing Extremism Together: Places of Worship’

Submission by the IHRC to the Home Office in response to the consultation document 'Preventing Extremism Together: Places of Worship' of 6 October 2005.

Bannings and Deportations in the Pacific: racial and religious profiling in...

August 2002 witnessed the US territory of American Samoa, a Pacific island, issue a widespread ban on Muslim visitors from over 23 countries.

Singapore, Ethnic Chauvinism and the Malay-Muslim Population

An overview of racism and Islamophobia in Singapore.

Arrests Prompt Concern for Cambodia’s Muslim Minority

Cambodia's Muslim community is estimated to be 185,000 to 200,000 strong; forming 5 to 10% of Cambodia's predominately Buddhist population.

Emergency Legislation Violates Human Rights Standards, Update number 2

IHRC has a number of further concerns regarding the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Bill currently being pushed through parliament in an unprecedented attempt to curtail civil liberties in the UK.

The Phillipines: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

Concerns over extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances in the Phillipines.

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