The Blame Game: International Law and the Current Crisis in the...

This briefing seeks to assess the legal position of a response to Israeli aggression and policies towards Lebanon and the Palestinian people.

Anti-Terrorism Legislation in South East Asia

The following briefing will examine the anti-terrorism legislation in place in various countries in South East Asia and the implications for human rights.

Freedom of Expression in Morocco: Retraction of freedom of expression in...

This briefing details the restrictions to the freedom of expression in the kingdom of Morocco. It also investigates the cultural and political factors involved, and the nature of the sensitive issues that are restricted within the country.

Representations of Islam & Muslims: A Guide for the Media: Algeria

Backgrounder briefing on Algeria.

Perils of the Israel model

2006: Critiquing India’s ‘do or die’ attitude towards ‘terrorism’, Praful Bidwai analyses New Delhi’s obsession with the Israeli model and its moral and practical implications.

Part Two: ‘Post-Saddam Iraq – The Pentagon’s Far-Right Poised to Take...

Further information regarding possible appointees in the post-Saddam administration.

Submission to inquiry on Bahrain

Submissions from IHRC for inquiry into the FCO's foreign policy towards Bahrain

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