Violating with Impunity: Saudi War Crimes in Yemen

The coalition forces have done little to distinguish between military and civilian targets, with the Yemeni civilian population the main victims of this conflict

Proposed Australian Anti-Terror Laws

Australia's pending proposals to introduce new measures under scrutiny.

Decolonising France

Ahmed Hassan overviews Houria Bouteldja's presentation at IHRC in 2013

Uzbekistan – Torture, the Language of Repression

IHRC is deeply concerned at the severity of the political repression in Uzbekistan.

Muslim Representation in Europe: the British Experience

Arzu Merali looks at the Muslim Representation at the British government.

Recommendations from ‘British Anti-Terrorism: A Modern day Witchhunt’

IHRC's response to the British government's anti-terrorism measures.

India: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

Concerns over treatment of minorities and women's rights in India.

Preventing Violent Extremism; Response by the Islamic Human Rights Commission To...

The Prevent strategy is doomed to fail in its objectives of preventing violent extremism unless and until it solves a number of inherent flaws.

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