Three years and counting: The Bahrain revolution and its imprisoned leaders

Caterina Aiena provides an overview of false imprisonment of political opponents

War Crimes and Accountability: A Historical Analysis

A historical analysis of accountability for war crimes in light of the recent revelations of widespread and systematic torture being committed by US troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

Violating with Impunity: Saudi War Crimes in Yemen

The coalition forces have done little to distinguish between military and civilian targets, with the Yemeni civilian population the main victims of this conflict

Complaints to The Spectator, August 2006

Response to Melanie Philips' article 'Hezbollah: will Britain be next?' by Melanie Phillips, The Spectator 5 August 2006 by Dr. Ilan Pappe.

Kyrgyzstan – The Increasing Failure of Askar Akayev

A brief overview of post-independence Kyrgyzstan and the human rights abuses that mar its progress to an open and civil society.

VENEZUELA: A list of resources on the current situation and coup...

.  The following provide background information and ongoing analysis in English, Spanish and Dutch.  Please follow this page for new information.  Encourage...

Spain: Islamophobia on the Rise

Muslims in Spain are witnessing a growing trend of Islamophobia in the country. As the hostility and restrictions against expressions of Islamic symbols and practises grows in Spanish society so does the alienation of  Muslims in Spain. In this briefing, Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) aims to highlight some of the many issues of religious discrimination being faced by Muslims in Spain in order to create public awareness about the human rights abuses they face.

Proposed Counter Terrorism and Security Bill: An Orwellian Possibility

This new Bill will erode civil liberties and turn the UK into a police state.

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