Gaza appeal

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Gaza is still feeling the effects of Israel’s military offensive in May last year and with a fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic spreading through the population, healthcare services are facing immense challenges. In just 14 years, Gaza has experienced 15 escalations of violence and four wars.  Latest figures show that only 50 of the 1,650 homes destroyed in Israel’s 11-day assault on Gaza in May have been restored. The reconstruction process has not started yet, only the rubble has been removed. Israel has imposed an illegal closure and blockade on Gaza, maintaining control over Palestinians’ lives and basic needs, imposing collective punishment on two million people

Your ongoing support has allowed us to support Palestinians in Gaza with:

  • providing medical aid to orphans and the elderly (including medical beds for the elder home)
  • Teacher salaries to support special needs education 
  • Medical aid for general patients in need 
  • Essential food and water aid

Please give generously

Gaza is the largest open-air prison in the world, two million Palestinians live in an overcrowded small stretch of land. The outbreak of Covid-19 has added to the daily challenges of the Palestinians. In Gaza, where health services are stretched and unemployment is high, many families are always struggling financially to make ends meet and get the essential care they need. Statistics indicate that there are around 20,000 orphaned children in the Gaza Strip. Without your ongoing support, many of these children will struggle to meet their basic needs.

Food Pack

Feed a family for a month for £20

Medical Aid

£30 provide life saving care


£25 provides the best form of Sadaqah

Iftar Meal

Just £5 to feed a fasting person

For Muslims all over the world, Ramadan is a month of prayer, contemplation, kindness and charity, sadly Ramadan does not necessarily bring reprieve to Gaza, Israel’s ongoing cruelty leaves Gaza on tenterhooks every Ramadan. Ramadan is now a period of worry for people in Gaza, Israel has the practice of launching attacks on them in this blessed month. Please ease their suffering and allow them to observe Ramadan with some ease.