4 June 2009

In anticipation of the visit of U.S. president Barack Obama to the Middle East, religious and non-religious Zionists have unleashed a disgusting and wicked campaign of hatred against President Barack Obama, and demand that the President of the United States be more loyal to the interests of Zionism than to the interests of the United States of America.

These wicked religious and non-religious Zionists, who are filled with paranoia and arrogance that is the hallmark of the brutal and bloodthirsty Zionist ideology, will not be satisfied until and unless the United States is subservient to all of the demands of World Zionism.

These renegades among the Jewish People ad nauseum characterize even the slightest deviation from total loyalty to the Zionist State as “anti-Semitism.”

For our part, we vociferously condemn all the words and actions of the vicious and brutal Zionist thugs, including those thugs who claim to follow the Torah. We describe them as they should be described: wicked provocateurs whose true ultimate goal is the destruction of the religion of Judaism and the Jewish People.

We proclaim that the only way lasting peace can come to the Middle East and the world at large is through the dismantling of the Zionist racist regime and the restoration of all the rights of the Palestinian People through their homeland in the entirety of historic Palestine, and we condemn those who argue that the Palestinians should be forced pay
the price for any suffering of the Jewish People throughout history by accepting the existence of the usurper regime called the State of “Israel.”

We are awaiting the forceful condemnation of these wicked Zionist heretics by the Orthodox rabbis and leaders who claim to oppose Zionism. They surely know that these Zionist barbarians are desecrating the holy Torah and the Name of Almighty G-d with every vile provocation against the Palestinians People and that rabbis and all faithful Orthodox Jews are required by Jewish law to condemn such vile provocations of the nations and world leaders.

We cannot imagine that such conduct can be allowed to go on without unequivocal condemnation from rabbinical and community leaders in the United States, Europe and Zionist-occupied Palestine.