Uyghur Farmers to be robbed of land given to Han Chinese immigrants

In a policy that is seen all to often in \”minority Area\’s of China\” where China has invaded land occupied by no Han Chinese races, the Central Government of China has unveiled a policy of robbing Uyghur farmers of land and the orchards they grew from nothing, giving the land away to Han Chinese migrants.

The Orchards grown by Farmers from wasteland leased from the Communists for 50 years are being bought back prematurely just when the ivestment is begining to be paid off for the hard working farmers.

In an amazing show of racist arrogance a communist Uighur official stated \”The farmers are unable to manage their orchards well,\”…. \”That is why the township government will take it back—we will manage it better.\”….\”We will auction the orchards to Chinese businessmen from the rest of China.\”

The Uyghur farmers built these wonderful orchards up from nothing, from wasteland as one states… \”We suffered a lot to build these orchards, but at the same time, we also enjoyed working on them,\” a Turpanyuz farmer identified as Umgulsum said.

\”Now it is time for us to enjoy the orchards, but they want to rob us and give us no peace,\” Umgulsum said.
Local peasants say they leased the orchards at issue—former wasteland—in 1983, on condition that they raise fruit trees on it.

“The county and the village governments are forcing us to sell the orchards to them,” she said. “Then they will be able to sell them at auction to Chinese immigrants. We have only the contracts in our hands, but we don’t know what to do.”

Another orchard farmer, identified as Nuri, said his village chief had approached him last month [April 2009] with an offer of one million yuan for his orchard.

\”The labor I put in with my family is worth at least two million yuan,\” he said. \”With the other costs, we have spent at least four million yuan.\”

\”In fact, this orchard is worth at least five million yuan. But they said they could only offer I million! I was really upset. So I told them I would not sell it,\” Nuri said.