The Kazmi Affair: Weaning India off Iran?

Veteran Indian journalist Syed Mohammed Kazmi was arrested last week in connection with last month’s New Delhi bombing targeting an Israeli diplomat's vehicle.

Questioning the Syrian “Casualty List”

Sharmine Narwani critically assesses conflicting assessments of the death toll and the implications for the understanding of events in Syria.

Pierre, Djemila, Dominique…and Mohamed

Houria Bouteldja speaks of the realities facing women of different minorities in today’s West.

Gujarat Massacre: Statement of Justice Hosbet Suresh

The retired Bombay High Court judge and advocate speaks at the Gulberg Memorial

Open letter to WSJ for endorsing murder of Iranian scientist

S. Mohamed Idris reflects on the rhetoric of war

The Guantánamo Legacy – Ten years of criminality go beyond this...

Dr Abdul Wahid reflects on 10 years of the US camp

Guantánamo at 10: The rise and rise of US exceptionalism and...

Arzu Merali looks at the significance of the notorious prison camp

Religious tolerance a passing phenomenon

Bilal Cleland discusses the Ottoman roots of European tolerance.

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