Likeminded successors – the demonisation of Islamic opposition in the coming...

Arzu Merali argues that civil society must be wary  of the  demonising of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic other, if it is serious about supporting change.

The Great Unravelling

Tunisia, Egypt and the Protracted Collapse of the American Empire by Nafeez Ahmed.

Fear No More

Fahad Ansari on the spirit of revolution in Egypt.

The Egyptian barriers of silence have been broken and the sun...

Veteran Egyptian activist, D. Ashraf Abdelghaffar commends the Egyptian people's revolt againt Hosny Mubarak's corrupt regime.

Genocide Against Muslims in Cambodia

Gregory Stanton remembers the Cambodian Genocide and the atrocities commited by the Khmer Rouge.

Racists Totally Freak Out Over Muslim ‘Batman of Paris’

Andy Khouri lambasts the right wing attack on Nightrunner, in Comics Alliance.

Clinton plays Russian Roulette with Justice

Yvonne Ridley laments the double standards of US diplomatic discourse.

The next big challenge for women who wear headscarves: getting a...

The recent signs that all of Turkey’s universities may open their gates and classrooms to women wearing headscarves are welcome and worthy of celebration.

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