Hezbollah flags fly at Al Quds Day rally and counter protest in London

Flag flown at pro-Palestinian demonstration

Hezbollah flags flew in central London as supporters were locked in a noisy standoff with counter-protesters.

Pro-Palestine protesters chanted “free free Palestine” beneath the yellow flag which is adorned with a gun, yards from the Saudi Embassy in the annual Al Quds Day rally.
A line-up of uniformed police formed a guard between them and the building. Security was very visible.

Just yards away stood an equally loud counter-demonstration, including speakers who led that crowd in a shouted chorus of “terrorist flags off of our streets” and “we want peace, they want war”.

The gap between the two opposing sides was filled with a heavy presence of uniformed police.

Messages from each camp could barely be heard as speeches and chants were made at full volume by both sides at the same time to their supporters and beneath the buzz of police helicopter overhead.

The full text can be found on ITV published on 10 June 2018.