Book: ‘The Afzal Petition: A Quest for Justice’

The book, ‘The Afzal Petition: A Quest for Justice’ detailing vital information about Afzal Guru’s case has been uploaded. This book will serve as reinforcement to the Afzal Guru campaign and contains important details about Mr Guru’s case from people who are directly involved. The book contains the petition that Mr Guru wrote to the President of India. The summary at the back of the book states:

‘Here for the first time the people can read Afzal’s petition to the President of India. The Annexures to the petition consist of court records, submissions made by the prosecution and extensive quotes from the Supreme Court Judgment. A reading of the Afzal Petition will reveal the shocking fact the [sic] Afzal was awarded a death sentence not on legal grounds but on political grounds, to “satisfy the collective conscience of the society.”’

For details about Afzal Guru’s campaign and to write letters of support please refer to the following links

The book can be downloaded at the link below.