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Nigeria Digest #90

Global #FreeZakzaky campaign intensifies as his son made desperate plea

UK PROTEST: Life Threatening Medical Condition of Sheikh Zakzaky

Join us on Tuesday 09 July from 4pm - 6pm

Nigeria Digest #89

New medical findings raised concerns about deteriorating health of Zakzaky

URGENT ALERT: NIGERIA – Demand urgent medical treatment for life threatening...

Demand urgent medical treatment for life threatening medical condition of Sheikh Zakzaky

Nigeria Digest #88

Sheikh's deteriorating health and high levels of lead toxicity in his body triggered massive protests

Nigeria Digest #87

Protester injured in last week's attack on Quds Day procession attained martyrdom

Nigeria Digest #85

#FreeZakzaky protests continued in Nigeria

Nigeria Digest #84

Nigerian Army opened fire on peaceful #FreeZakzaky protesters

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