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Things to do in Isolation #7 – Get ready for Ramadan

Ramadan is a week away.  This blog post provides some suggestions for books, reading material and videos to get you prepared for...

Sheikh El-Zakzaky: On the power of du’a in detention

Listen to this excerpt from the 2005 IHRC event 'Dissent & Detention: Before and After 9/11' held in London, UK.

My heart goes through leaps and bounds

Obituary of anti-apartheid hero Sedick Isaacs who passed away 18 October 2012, by Moosa Arendt and Mariam Rabbani.

The Quest for Unity and other selected works

by Imam Achmad Cassiem, with a Foreword by Imam Muhammad Al-Asi, published 17 February 2011£8 /ISBN 978-1-907517-00-6 /215mm x 279mm/104 pages /paperback / IHRC Press

The Forgotten Power of Dua

Speech by Imam Achmad Cassiem.

Awakening the Ummah: The Sleeping Giant

Imam Achmad Cassiem speaks.

Liberation, Struggle and the Future of Islam

Talk by Imam Achmed Cassiem on Liberation, Struggle, and the future of Islam.

In conversation with Imam Achmad Cassiem

Imam Achmad Cassiem joined IHRC to discuss his work as a campaigner for justice, from his years in the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa to his pro-Palestinian activism.

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