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Muslim groups: ‘Arab League must act on Darfur’

The Arab League must do more to address the killings in Darfur according to an appeal issued today (Friday) by an unprecedented coalition of Muslim groups.

Forwarded Alert: Act Now: Protest Against The Racist Science of Dr....

The 1990 Trust totally condemns the unethical, provocative and racially offensive remarks by Dr Watson against the African heritage and calls on all peace loving people to equally do so.

Action Alert: Sign Petition Calling for Reform of Australia’s Migration Act

Dr Mohamed Haneef is an Indian doctor formerly resident in Australia who had his visa cancelled following his arrest in Brisbane on 2 July 2007 for alleged involvement in the failed terrorist attacks in the UK of June 2007.

ACT NOW! Stop racially inflammatory BNP broadcast

Forwarded alert from BLINK. Stop the Islamophobic and Racist BNP broadcast to be aired tonight 28th May, 2004.

Briefing now available on-line: Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001

The briefing revisits the concerns over the act's curtailment of human rights, including the Privy Council Review Committee's condemnation of section 4.

Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001

A brief overview of how the Act confers greater powers on law enforcement authorities to counter terrorism but severely limits civil liberties and human rights.

PRESS RELEASE: Rights group demands UK government act against ‘veil ban’...

IHRC calls on Foreign Office to fight for Muslim women's rights.

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC condemns the new powers under the Asylum, Immigration...

With this new and boldly regressive measure Britain has undoubtedly entered an era of civil liberties malaise.

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