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Forwarded Alert: Yemen – Authorities urged to think twice after freelance...

Reporters Without Borders condemns the six-year prison sentence on freelance journalist Abdulkarim Al-Khaiwani.

ALERT: BAHRAIN – Youths referred to court after being subjected to...

Ten youths from village of Saar arrested and tortured following peacfeul demonstration

Alert: Another Yemeni Disappears After Arrest

Yemeni national Ibrahem Ali Al-Nashery has not been heard from since his arrest on 5 March 2008 at Sana'a International Airport.

URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Human Rights Activists Collapse After Hunger Strike

Two human rights activists, detained in December 2007 demonstrations in Bahrain, collapsed on 26 March 2008, after three days of hunger strike.

“After Sangatte” Film Premiere, SOAS University

Hosted by the SOAS Detainee Support Group the 14-minute film After Sangatte interviews one Iraqi Kurd refugee on his life, his escape from Iraq, to his plight, and that facing all those escaping the War on Terror to seek asylum in the UK.

Press Release: British Citizen Faces Execution after Eighteen Years of Unjust...

IHRC is deeply concerned about the fate of a British citizen imprisoned for eighteen years in Pakistan who is due to be executed on 1 June 2006

“After Genocide: Islam, Social Justice and the Power of Reconciliation”

A conference regarding genocide and faith as being an agent of mercy.


Organised by MARCCH in association with The Centre of Contemporary Central Asia and the Caucasus

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