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Update Alert: USA – Judge questions Justice Department’s upholding of plea...

Federal judge Brinkema says prosecutors' dismissal of terms of Al-Arian's former plea agreement with government jeopardises “integrity of the Department of Justice”.

Alert Update: USA – Sami Al-Arian high court appeal rejected

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear Sami Al-Arian's appeal against a contempt charge for refusing to testify before a jury, in spite of a plea agreement allegedly exempting him from such testimony.

Alert: US – Sami Al-Arian released on bail

The Islamic Human Rights Commission welcomes the recent release of Sami Al-Arian on bail.

Support Dr Sami Al-Arian: Political Prisoner of the USA

IHRC urges all campaigners to support Dr Sami Al-Arian.

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