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URGENT ALERT: Sudan – Sudanese authorities prevent Dr Hasan Al-Turabi, Secretary-General...

Despite having obtained both a visa and permission to travel from the interior ministry, Dr Hasan Al-Turabi, Secretary-General of Popular Congress Party (PCP), was prevented by Sudanese security forces from travelling to Paris to seek much needed medical

URGENT ALERT: Sudan – Sudanese government forces arrest Dr Hasan Al-Turabi,...

Dr Al-Turabi, was arrested following comments he made with regards to the widely expected ICC warrant against the Sudanese President.

Prisoner of Faith Update: Dr Hassan al-Turabi Released

IHRC congratulate campaigners on the release of Sudanese Prisoner of Faith Dr Hassan al-Turabi.

ALERT UPDATE: Sudan: Hassan al-Turabi hospitalised after renewing Hunger Strike

Sudan: Demand the Sudanese government release Popular Congress Party leader, Hassan al-Turabi and his party members

URGENT ALERT: Sudan’s opposition leader Hassan al-Turabi rearrested

The Sudanese government has begun a wide scale series of arrests against members of the Popular National Congress Party almost four years after similar persecution of the PNCP in 2001.

URGENT ALERT: SUDAN Dr Hassan al-Turabi

Dr Hassan al-Turabi is the leader of the Sudanese Popular National Congress (PNC) party. He was arrested on 21 February 2001 by President Omar al-Beshir's security forces.

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