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BBC’s anti-Muslim witch-hunt

Muslim reporters contributing to BBC news pieces are being asked to
declare their affiliations under, what appears to be a new policy of
discrimination engineered by pro- Israeli MPs.

BBC Launches Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt

World Tonight programme discriminates against Muslims

Anti-Muslim Backlash Over Palestine: Audio

Discussion: Board of Deputies of British Jews DG Neville Nagler and Islamic Human Rights Commission's Massoud Shadjareh on BBC Radio 4 discuss attacks on Muslims in the UK.

Anti-Muslim Hostility & Discrimination in the UK, 2000

In pursuing its aims, the IHRC has dealt with numerous cases of discrimination, and incitement to hostility, against Muslims in the U.K.

URGENT ALERT: Anti-Muslim Backlash in South Africa

Muslims in South Africa have become subject to a backlash after the Planet Hollywood restaurant bombing which took place on Tuesday 25 August in Cape Town.

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