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Press release: Anti-terror bill is a recipe for more alienation

Yet another attempt by the executive to erode civil liberties and 'otherise' the Muslim community

Jihadi law brings us closer to a police state

The new proposed powers would not protect us from violent attack. They threaten democratic rights

‘Police state’ fears over new UK anti-terror powers

Rights groups attack proposals unveiled by Prime Minister David Cameron aimed at preventing U.K. fighters in Syria returning to Britain

Legal challenge mounted against UK anti-terror law

Anti-terror powers allowing police to stop individuals at UK ports for up to nine hours are challenged in Supreme Court

Countering Terror or Counter-Productive? Comparing Irish and Muslim Experiences of Counter-insurgency...

This report is a record of, and reflection on, two days of discussions that took place in Belfast in June 2009 between a group of Irish human rights and community activists and political ex-prisoners, ... and representatives of a number of Muslim groups working on similar issues today.

PRESS RELEASE: U.K. – New security measures are a knee-jerk reaction...

The new proposed policies of profiling and body scanning mask the real issue which is the gross failure to act on intelligence.

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: UK – Anti-terror police in court over abuse...

Officers allegedly punched, kicked and choked Mr Ahmad during the course of the assault, bringing him to the point of unconsciousness.

Oral Statement on Britain

We believe that secure society cannot be built on compromising on due process on human rights and civil rights.

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